My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Course In Rishekish India

Rishikesh India, the yoga capitol of the world. nestled appropriately in the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges . Was a great plane ride. read American Sniper and watched the giver. I love airplane food. Arrived In New Delhi split a cab with two sisters to Rishikesh. A 8 hour cab ride through the most treacherous terrain. If you can drive in India you can drive anywhere. they were using two line roads as five lines with ox carts, motorcycles with three people on it, tractors loaded down with so much cargo that I saw one flip over. They would honk incessantly. Some roads didn’t even have a dividing line. The approaching cars would take up the entire road then swerve at the last minute. It is the Wild West. After the cab driver scared the shit out of me he glance over and chuckled as the light from oncoming traffic bounced off his bald head like Fantasia. We finally got to rishikesh and this old man who with no shirt or shoes carried all our luggage and took it across a Rickety foot bridge and up a hill to our yoga dwelling. I Unpacked took a shower and promptly slipped and fell on my ass. most of my classmates are middle aged women from America they would wear saris and two of the girls have dreadlocks. Breakfast was honey and lemon tea with oranges and papaya and some yellow rice. Cows were grazing in garbage. I just stared at it and it looked up at me with some styrofoam in its mouth. My friend had two monkeys climbing on her trying to eat her nan. I saw some more monkeys and as I got close this Indian dude was like be careful they are very dangerous they will attack you! Then he pulls out a sling shot and start firing rocks at them.

Orientation was a Bunch of chanting and holding candles they came around and they put a red dot on everyone’s forehead. Started yoga training it was tough. I’m Not flexible at all. Monkeys were a little distracting they were scampering on the roof then coming up to the window and peering in. Wake up is at 6 am am we flush our noses out with salt water. Drink tea do yoga till 9 am grab vegetarian breakfast learn about yoga philosophy and human anatomy. Eat lunch Go to the library and study then do two more hours of yoga then another vegetarian dinner. Same thing every day until march 16.

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