Day 7 of 7 the Homeless Experience in NYC


Day 7 of 7 the homeless experience

Finally its over..I have been waiting for this moment all week. ohh Its actually pretty warm out, nice. I walked briskly towards Lukes Lobster in the East Village. It opens at 11am so I waited patiently outside. My friend Olya shows up. I stroll inside purposefully as I approached the counter. Ok here goes.. “One lobster roll please!” Yess! It was served up in a warm bun with melted butter smeared on its toasted interior. It was absolutely loaded with fresh maine lobster claws and drizzled with more butter. Hands down the best lobster roll in manhattan, Scratch That. Lobster rolls in Maine cant hold a candles to what Luke’s cooking up. Im in obvious rapture. A large goofy smiles spreads across Olya’s tiny face. She sees my excitement. “Ok so were gonna go to all the famous pizzerias in Manhattan and compare them!” I tell her excitedly. First up Artichoke Pizza on 16th street..Yeahh im not a fan. My stomach was the size of an acorn so this cheesy white pie laden with artichokes felt like I was pouring heavy cream down my throat. It was soo greasy and dense. After that we go to Joe’s pizza across the street, this just tasted like a normal floppy slice. Was not impressed. Although disappointed I was still somewhat energized as we head to Roberta’s on 46th this “bee sting pizza” was just too much with the honey and spicy peppers. I just couldnt do it. Best pizza Id ever had still is in Naples Italy. After that we head to Dave and Busters in Times Sq it was half priced so we played like every arcade game for hours. Dueling against Olya in Guitar Hero and kicking her ass in beer pong was a blast. Ok thats a lie she beat me in beer pong.
After D&B I met up with my sister and mom at Marea, A two michelin star restaurant across from Central Park. At 109 dollars a plate this was definitely the most expensive meal ive ever eaten. I got the fuseli or octopus pasta, It was banging but they had this crazy ass white grape sorbet for desert that was out of this world. overall an excellent experience. I noticed I was pretty close to Barcelona bar a themed shot joint. I met up with Shyna and Olya there. We did a Harry Potter shot that tasted like butter beer while wearing house scarfs. The bartender made me snake house 😒 but we had magic wands so I was casting patronus all over the place. We took a Monica Lewinsky shots where we both wore black wigs took a baileys shot with whipped cream with our mouths then the bartenter starts cumming on our faces shouting ” Oh Yeahhh Monica” of course it was just water he was shooting at us but actually he freaking only did it to me getting me soaked. what a dick. I took Olya to the Pratt studios on campus since they are open all night. No one was there so we fucked on the platform were all the nude models pose, afterwards she goes home and I fall asleep in the subway probably 5 am At 9 I woke up slept on the metro north to Newburgh and once home slept in my lushious bed until 7 the following day which means I literally slept 24hours the reason is after you fast and if you stuff your face like I did your body needs to digests all that crap, hence you get sleeping and lethargic. Overall it was a crazy learning experience. Being homeless turned out to be very interesting. I had a irrational fear of being homeless and now thats completely gone. I feel like I could do anything and not have that fear of failing lingering over me.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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