Day 6 of 7 The Homeless Experience NYC


Day 6 of 7 of the homeless experience

It was day 6 and I was just tired of being dirty and wearing the same gross clothes everyday. I meekly enter an H&M in SOHO and quietly purchase an outfit. I half thought someone was gonna lightly tap me on the shoulder, clear their throat and say patronizingly “sir I think your in the wrong place.” Luckily, nothing of the sort happened. I walked out clutching my H&M apparel with newfound hope. I took the C train to Brooklyn and went to “Miracles” a barber shop in Clinton Hill, As soon as he puts his clippers to my head I start nodding out. He laughs and tells me it happens all the time, He is 46 and starts talking hip hop and how its evolved over the years. “Man you need to listen to Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick.” I asked him about Biggie Smalls and he was like “Yeah of course I knew him, He grew up in this neighborhood..Actually I used to cut his hair”. He showed me a picture. Dope. After that I got on Pratt campus to take a shower in the gym. My feet were practically mummified it was soo gross. Do not keep shoes on your feet for a week and never take them off. It was perfect putting on my new clothes. I felt so good I was practically skipping down the sidewalk in glee. I didn’t even notice that the angry protesters in my stomach had largely gone silent. I saw a poster about open drawing at Pratt studios. You get 3 hours with a nude model for 5 bucks. I clambered up to the forth floor with my drawing supplies. I really had a blast doing figure drawing I had only done a couple sketches that I liked. At 9 I knew that the basketball game was on. The season opener between Boston and Cleveland was starting so I packed up and headed to the Brooklyn tap house. It was great to see the new face Cavs pull out a close victory. My friend came by and joined me. We hadn’t seen each other of for 5 years we were both students at Pratt except she was in Fashion. At midnight it was day 7 so I could finally drink. Since my stomach was empty I got drunk uncharacteristically fast. We took an uber to her place and she offered me this drink that tasted like licorice. Hated it. She kept trying to get me to go on the roof with her but it was too damn cold out. I was about to leave then she offered me some cocaine and mentioned it was the best she ever had.  I Relented and took a line off her kitchen table, immediately I could tell the quality as my heart raced my palms began to sweat and teeth started to feel numb. I was euphoric and horny. She ended up modeling some agent provocateur under garments she had just bought and was excited for. they looked cool and were pretty elaborate. Although I didn’t plan it I ended up fucking her. it was like 5 AM tho and I was exhausted. reluctantly I crashed there for two hours before I left and slept on the J train at 7amimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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