Day 4 of 7 Homeless in NYC


Day 4 of 7 the homeless experience

4 days without food. I’m getting used it. Strange. However I’m starting to hate sleeping in the subway the lack of privacy and the gag inducing smells are not ideal. Honestly though where else can you find a place to sleep in the NYC for the price of a metro card? Rhetorical question. the answer is nowhere! Being constantly surrounded by people is a wierd feeling. I did find a quiet place to draw tho. I took a screenshot of a beautiful scene from the movie Sophie’s Choice where Meryl Strep is crying. You would think since I draw caricatures for a living it would look just like her? Wrong. It looked like Donald Trump as a women. I found this extremely disheartening. I met up with my friend Tina from seaside Her expression is deadpan but her personality friendly and outgoing. She had on HILARIOUS velcro shoes from Walmart. You know like the ones 90 year people in nursing homes wear? Yup. Those. We walked to Chelsea Papaya and she got a world famous papaya dog. She was a bit bewildered when she realized there was no actual papaya on her hot dog. If you’ve yet to partake in a papaya dog, do yourself a favor get it with sauerkraut and mustard. You can thank me later. I ended up meeting up with my ex boss Joe and my former coworker Leo at a restaurant called Street Taco. There was literally a VW bus in the restaurant. It was converted into a kitchen and was serving up authentic Mexican cuisine. Both my friends were high as fuck so they devoured tacos and nachos. I stared longingly with unbridled enthusiasm. I’d consider frolicking in a ball pit filled with hypodermic needles for a bite. Between Joe giving us extra long hugs and taking shots with the bartender. We decided to go to 16 handles, a Fro Yo place with the most flavors Id ever seen. I mean they had salty watermelon? What is that!? Whatever, I need that in my life. Instead I just watch Joe and Leo chow down in joyous contentment. I left and walked to Times Sq. I tried drumming up a conversation with a caricature artist, I was careful not to use the same conversation fodder customers normally use that I hate. In my effort it ended up just being weird and me saying “ohh i draw too” damnit I promised I wasn’t gonna say that. Well I retired to my underground sleeping chambers that is the subway and passed out for 6 hours.


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