Day 5 of 7 the homeless experience NYC


Day 5 of 7 of the homeless experience

Woke up on a packed A train in Columbus Circle. My eyes were glued shut with sleep. People are everywhere. Im an introvert so I usually need time to myself to recharge. Now, since people are constantly around me its a bit draining. It was freezing today like summer skipped fall and went straight to winter. The train I picked to sleep last night was primarily above ground. Bad decision. every time the doors opened a frozen tempest swirled into my bed chambers and woke me up. I walked around central park and Columbus Circle. I remembered it was the finish line for the 2009 NYC marathon.  I walked all the way to Daisey Mays BBQ on 46th street just so I could stare at all things BBQ like a creep. The food there is incredible, the Memphis sticky ribs will have you licking your fingerprints off. They were closed unfortunately. Tired I took an uber pool to meet my friend Lili on Canal St “homeless people dont take ubers Paul” she teased me. I asked her if I smelled. I cant remember when I went this long without a shower.. I haven’t even taken off my shoes in days. Lilli was in the middle of a fashion shoot for a magazine. We left so she could get lunch. I went to Best Buy and stared at a massive HD TV that was playing the Food Network. I was in a trance for what seemed like 20 min. It was so cold outside I just couldn’t be out there. My friend recommended Angelika an Indie movie theater in SOHO. I went and saw The Florida Project. It was whimsical, realistic, moving and raw. Although it lacked a plot and most things “required” in a movie it was perfect. A true Gem. I met with my Friend Joe and Vess at a Jamaican spot were they had spicy ginger beer, one of my personal favorites. They got pizza at Bens on macdougal street. The lightly charred crust, ample cheese distribution and sauce displacement ratio looked fantastic. We went to this intimate Jazz bar that looked like speakeasy from prohibition. The doorman spoke calmly with a tilted hat. had the vibe of a sax player from New Orleans. He talked about how Dave Chapelle used to perform upstairs in the 90s. We walked around the city late at night as the cold wind whipped at us. I was reluctant to go to sleep but nevertheless ended up on the N train.

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