Day 3 of 7 Homeless In NYC


Day 3 of 7 the homeless experience

All I do is think of food now. I spend most of my time on my phone drooling over menus from various restaurants, reading reviews and looking at pictures of food. its pretty sad. Ive been watching kitchen nightmares with Gordon Ramsey on Youtube THATS how bad its getting. Whenever I pass those halal food stands I get a embarrassing nose boner..I mean its not my fault, the food shouldn’t be smelling that good, id say its asking for it. Anyway fasting sucks.
I woke up confused that morning. the subway car was empty and the doors were closing and reopening. It was the final stop. I was on the N train or was it the D train? Either way I was in Coney Island. Its kind of a dump, makes Seaside Heights look like Disney World. I stared at the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition wall of fame. How does a man go about eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes? An unusually wet mouth obviously. I walked pretty far down the boardwalk until I ended up in brighton beach. Everyone was speaking Russian. I walk passed Nathan’s again and peered in the window with rapture at the franfurters sizzling on the grill. I hung out at my friends Lillis apartment in brooklyn I sprawled out on her couch it was so comfy. Shes kept offering me homemade ravioli which I reluctantly declined. She has a organic olive oil business and she showed me her labels. I took the liberty of rewriting it. She had to go to a meeting so I went back to Times Square to the AMC theater. I watched 3 movies back to back. Flatliners, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and American Made. Flatliners was decent and pretty terrifying. I jumped out of my seat at some point and almost spilled my beet juice everywhere. the elderly black lady next to me was laughing hysterically at me while I slightly embarrassed, regained my composure. I was pretty tired by the time rocky horror started. I slept in the corner taking up 5 seats. I only caught the beginning but Tim Curry is a fantastic actor. Rocky Horror if you dont know is a cult classic musical from 1978 that plays in select theaters every year around halloween. People dress up and shout at the movie screen while hurling things like toast or something. At each other? During American Made with Tom Cruise I had my first homeless standoff I had the perfect spot in the corner for sleeping and stinky dude sits right next to me, puts his feet up and generally acted obnoxious. I switched seats and watch how he turned my seat into the messing piece of a bed. I was pissed but he was weird. That night I slept on the A train it was crowded even at 2 in the morning. When I woke up at 7 there were the same 3 people around me. Apparently this is a very common thing to do.

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