The Craziest Couch Surfing Experience Ever.

It was the Fourth of July in Seaside Heights NJ, the busiest holiday of the year. My Coworkers and I drew over 3,000 dollars in caricatures in one day. I had a couch surfing request from three blonde German Girls.  My house would be empty because we would all be working nonstop. So I accepted it like I do most request. I had no idea then what craziness it would would lead to.

When they arrived I was busy drawing people so I told them to meet me at my Caricature shop.  They came friendly bubbly and slightly tipsy. I gave them my keys and they said  “Hey when you finish you should come out with us!” “sure it will probably be late though” I warned them.  I returned home at midnight. I opened the door to my house and they were all dancing around my living room listening to crappy old school rap and dancing around with a giant inflatable shark we had.  A new employee for the caricature stand had just arrived and was sitting on the couch buzzed drinking all their alcohol.  We drank a bit at the house and decided to go to a party at the bar called Hemingway’s.


 All five of us are dancing and drinking. My new coworker left early for some reason.  So it was just me and the three girls. It was obvious they liked me and when two of them left to go to the bathroom me and one girl kissed. When the other two came back I brought them in for a four way kiss.  “Paul I want to buy you a drink” The first girl gushed. At the bar a man carefully watched us and looked us up and down then looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what he was seeing.”this guy has three girls” he muttered to no one in particular, stunned.  We continue to dance but it was clear that a foursome was not going to happen and the two left to find guys. I was left dancing with the first girl. I was honestly exhausted from drawing all day and told her “I’m going to go home.” “I’m tired too, il come with you.” she says. At the house I’m setting up the beds in the living room and say I have a extra bed in my room. She comes in closes the door then jumps on my bed. “If we have sex can you promise it won’t be weird in the morning”? um sure I reply it won’t be weird. We hook up and fall asleep only to be awoken up by the other two girls. They come in and jump on the bed waking us up. “We found a guy one says we think he is russian” I get dressed and come out to find my friend from the boardwalk smiling sheepishly on the couch.”lets go to the beach” someone says, still drunk it sounds like a great idea and the five us go for a walk to the far end of the boardwalk.  My friend and one of the girls are walking together behind us and I’m walking with the two other girls with my arm around each. “Im drunk and I want to have sex” she tells me.  I try in vain to for the threesome, its not happening, we get to the beach and the girls take off there tops and run half naked into the ocean, the alcohol still coursing through my body made me impervious to the cold ocean water splashing about. Some dude on a beachcomber kicks us off the beach and we head home. I go to sleep and the girl comes with me. In the middle of the night I wake up to go to the bathroom, I notice a dubious condom floating like a dead jellyfish in the toilet bowl. “it must have been from my friend and that girl” I thought.  when come out, I pass by the two girls sleeping on the floor. they are still awake. “Paul come here” she beckons. “we want to give you a message” stunned and bewildered I say sure and I lay down as four pairs of hand work there way all over my back it was wonderful, my first dual message. I’m a kid in a candy store all my purvey high school dreams being actualize. I turn around and attempt to kiss one, she pulls back, “no problem good night guys” I say nonchalantly, when I get back in to my room the other girl beckons me back quietly as to not wake the girl in my bed.  all three of us lie on the floor and start making out. then the two girls start making out. the other girl is telling me to help he take off her pants so I do.  I had a condom with me so I roll it on and I enter her. We try a few different positions it was like a weird game of twister as we tried to maintain contact with all three so no one was left out.  I move over to the other girl. she was so horny that after 3 minutes of me thrusting inside her whole body shaking and she came. “wow that never happens” I think to myself. I pretend to finish and lie next to them. reality set in and I figure I should go back in the room with the other girl before she wakes up. I lie in bed trying to comprehend what just happened. then I heard them moan softly. I realize the other girl is making her cum. 



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