Berlin, Ecstasy, and the Most Infamous Night Club in the world


I never thought I would do drugs.

HereI was in Berlin, everything you’ve heard about it is true. I just had no idea how right they were. I was only planning on staying a few day and seeing a touristy things, I went to Checkpoint Charlie, A berlin wall tour, The Holocaust Museum and all the other places of importance. My first day I realized only a week here will do. It was the nightlife that blew my mind.  In berlin I felt like the shit, every bar I would go into I’d get flirtatious looks and advances, it was in incredible. It was that friday though that will be permanently etched into my mind forever.

I was staying at a chill hostel called Circus in the City Center, Unlike most hostels it offered dinner as a means of meeting other people in the hostel.  Its was some kind of tasteless bisque but we had a fun small group and one girl from the UK who was particularly cute. She was blonde and originally from Poland. We decide to go to a bar around the corner to have a drink,  Cocktails are amazing in Berlin, expertly done, cheap, and fancy to boot, we decide what to do that night and the The UK Girl recommends Berghain, She said its one of the top nightclubs in the world and the the most infamous, she said unfortunately its really hard to get inside. While she was talking I dropped something and accidentally “grazed” her boob on the way down, she smiled so I knew it was on.  Everyone was being lame and went home but her and I decided to take a cab and go to Berghain. “Take off your hat” she said “don’t speak english” it makes it harder to get in “just look bored” the line was actually very short but I could see as we approached many people were not getting in. We walked through a empty maze of ironwork to get to the front of the line. There he was, the guy she told me about. “Papa Sven” a burly man with a grey and pepper beard covered in piercings and tattoos, he had a particularly scary vine and thorn one that bisected over his face, he was stern solid unwavering and dressed in all black. There was a long pause as he stared at us…..then he simply nodded and we got in. phew, now lets see what this is all about.


“don’t take any photos or videos” and man says too us as we walk up to the top floor or Panarama room as its called.  They are playing some house techno crap that I can’t stand it.  We go to the bar get a drink and just stand there awkwardly trying to have conversation. For all the hype I was thinking “this is it”? I guess its cool.  “It will get better later” she said. “They haven’t even opened the main club yet”. “This club is open nonstop until sunday they don’t close so you can technically party three days in a row!” She laughs at the  shocked expression on my face.  Thats not all she mused. they have sex rooms here! “Lets go check it out”, I retort eagerly. We wander about until we find one.  Its not so much as a room as it is a hidden nook as theres no door. In this nook theres a couch with probably so much semen caked into the upholstery il must have looked like a frosted sugar cookie under UV light, I noticed without much thought that there was theater seats facing that couch.  I face her and say “well now that we are here we might as well use it” I smirk and start kissing her neck. and put my hand down her pants. She stops me and is like I hardly know you! wait “Tell me about yourself”she said flushed. I say how many brothers and sisters I have, ” I guess thats good enough” she says and asks. “do you have a condom”? “fuck..I used my last one yesterday with that blonde girl who slept on a mattress on the floor” I thought. I run out and stop the nearest guy and ask him for a condom and I give him ten euros. He gets all happy and is like need another?? I go back, put on the condom on bend her over and  enter her from behind. In my drunken thrusting I was slow to realize the crowd of people who came to watch.

When I finished I notice theres a guy still sitting there staring at us,  UK girl goes over to him and talks to him then comes back to me and says, he’s selling ecstasy, have you ever had it? “No” I blurt out, at 25 I really hadn’t had much of anything, Do you wanna try it with me? “sure ok” I said, so she disappears into the bathroom with him and comes back with two tablets, “its strong”she said you should probably only take half make sure you drink lots of water.  I took it but it took almost an hour to kick in.  What do we do now? its still early we already fucked we can’t go backwards and start dancing!  I suggest we bet each other crazy things. She lost and so I proposed ok you have to find a girl and convince her to come back with us to the sex room, we meander around the dance floor and until she spots this cute brunette german girl. it was actually easy she followed us right over,she sits between us and we all start making out, she enjoying it but a little alarmed at how fast things were moving! she wanted to slow down so suggested we dance nahh we say and she dips off. Again we are in the same predicament. I suggest we try it one more time but il approach the girl, we go on the dance floor and I see this girl… she was an incredibly sexy with an amazing butt. She was super friendly and came with us. This time I was sitting between them, they both liked me but did not like each other!  they were both touching me and saying shit to me that other couldn’t hear. “So much for a threesome” I thought glumly,  UK girl leaves to go to the bathroom and me and the German girl immediately start taking off each others clothes and making out heavy. She whispers in my ear, “come back to my hostel with me its the three little pigs”

The british girl returns. she’s pissed. She starts yelling at me calling me an asshole. and then in that moment of being verbally assaulted the exctasy kicks in and this amazing feeling literally washes over me like cool water over a sun parched desert vagabond.  It was nirvana. My body felt incredible the shitty music in the background suddenly sounded perfect.  Her british accent became a symphony to my ears. I told the german girl she had to leave and I became incredible meek and docile. Telling her how amazing she was, it was strange because I was such and asshole a minute before and this all baffled her a bit but she loved that I was the only thing she wanted, she recorded our convo and took an illegal picture of us. I never felt so close to someone as I did in that moment, just writing about it gives me goosebumbs. “you need water” she whispers in concern to me. We go to the bar and passed through the dance floor. At the bar she reaches over the counter and starts grabbing ice out of the bartenders ice chest to rub on me. The bartender flips a shit accusing her of spreading her disgusting herpes into everyones drink then he throws out the entire ice chest,  I order a jager bomb the dude gives me a look of pure hatred. “we don’t serve that here” he retorted   We dance and mingle seamlessly, ecstasy the social binder was so wonderful I wanted to feel like this all the time and that scared me. We left at around 11 in the morning the sun was out and shinning but since this was a 24hr club there was people wanting in line as we got out. it was incredible.  we take a cab and we bask in each others afterglow we crawled into bed together and slept the day away.


The next day I left to Prague and I met a german girl in a super club, she invited me to do MDMA in the Bathroom, We left and went back to her hostel and fucked on her bunk bed while listening to 90s rap, her friends kept calling her, not to see if she was ok but to ask her to ask me if I wanted a threesome. She never told me until later. I lost my debit card and had no money to travel. The german girl from bergain invited me to visit her in Hamburg and was sending me sexy pics to my phone.  She said that I could stay with here, she was really cool and generous and made me delicious german food. I loved how open she was, not a pretentious bone in her body. We watched get rich or die trying and hooked up then took a shower together. I let her try on my 200 dollar onsie, turns out she was a contestant one the german version of the bachelor and won , but took the money over the guy. It was one of the craziest weekend of my life.


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